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August 22, 2012
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97 Ed Tettemer : Writer Ed Tettemer is a cultural and gastronomic explorer. Inspired by Ben Franklin's words, he cooks for friends and firefighters alike. He crisscrosses the state to map local eateries outside of the turnpikes and restaurant chains. Submitted by Elisabeth Perez-Luna.
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September 06, 2012
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247 Buckminster Fuller : Visionary inventor Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) is best known for his geodesic domes, which synthesized his ideas of architectural efficiency and sustainability. In his life he lamented our inability to visualize a world in which all human needs could be met. Submitted by Elisabeth Perez-Luna.
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September 06, 2012
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243 Brian Westbrook : Former Philadelphia Eagle Brian Westbrook was a fan favorite for his explosive capabilities and solid work ethic. He retired this fall at just 33 years old, perhaps due in part to that work ethic, which left him bruised and battered come Monday mornings. Submitted by Elisabeth Perez-Luna.
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September 21, 2012
Wish, Aspiring, Life
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604 Shanae Rudd : Hey everyone, I'm Shanae, Im 24 and really going through a rough "life" patch. So i wanted to send a wish through open air that it will get better not only for me but for everyone out there thats going though it :)
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September 25, 2012
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2381 Anthony Pires : The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.
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October 03, 2012
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4004 Brottie Barlow : Life's journey!
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October 05, 2012
Dedication, Pensive, Life
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4353 Rafael for Lucy in Nuremberg: 7 de Octubre, ojalá y estuviera mi papá por aquí para ver las luces. Besos mi dus!
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September 06, 2012
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242 Bill Scott : Philly voice actor Bill Scott (1920-1985) was known to generations of American children as the dim, lovable Bullwinkle J. Moose on The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Along with Rocky The Flying Squirrel, he battled the Red Menace against master spies Boris and Natasha. Submitted by Elisabeth Perez-Luna.
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September 29, 2012
Poem, Pensive, Life
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3345 Noah D'Orazio : The Raven Edgar Allan Poe
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October 13, 2012
Dedication, Proud, Life
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5776 Junior : A message to my mom and dad. I miss and love you so much.
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September 16, 2012
Quote, Philosophical, Life
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320 Phillip Schubert : A lyric from the song "Change Myself" by Todd Rundgren
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October 06, 2012
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4593 Penny : With thanks, appreciation and a zillion besos!
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August 22, 2012
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125 Rob McElhenney : Rob McElhenney, creator of the FX TV show “It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia”, set in his native city. In this 2009 Q&A session at the UCLA film school, he notes how his struggles as an actor inspired him to take up a career as a sitcom writer. Submitted by Elisabeth Perez-Luna.
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September 20, 2012
Poem, Philosophical, Life
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471 Fergus Carey for Alison Sprague in Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia: Who Goes with Fergus by W.b. Yeats
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September 24, 2012
Anecdote, Philosophical, Life
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2108 Mommashar for Daniel : Cancer sucks
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